Flip Thy House was launched in 2006 to chronicle one investor’s trials and tribulations in the world of real estate investing. While I’m still alive and kicking, things really slowed down for me on the house flipping and REI front in late 2009-early 2010.

I finished up the last renovation project in mid-2010 and currently have three rental properties, all leased and cash-flowing a tidy little amount every month. Burnout was partly to blame for taking a break on the house flip front, but more than anything I found myself gravitating more towards my other freelance work.

Instead of letting the site die a slow death, I decided to broaden the scope a bit, adding content and advice from my 4 years+ in the house flipping trenches. While this isn’t a true blog anymore it is a good resource to find some no-nonsense advice about real estate investment, flipping, and more venturesome home renovation projects.